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Without knowing, every one of us uses a multitude of products containing starch day by day. Starch is one of the most important renewable resources and has literally thousands of applications.
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Südstärke potato starch is the formulators' choice for many food applications thanks to its superior purity and high viscosity. Its neutral taste, odor and color make it a versatile food ingredient. Additionally, our potato starch products are free from allergens like gluten, and are certified GMO-free. Functional clean-label starches are a great alternative to chemically modified additives and meet the demand of conscious consumers
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Paper industry

The paper industry applies our starch in the paper mass to increase paper strength and in surface coatings to optimize printability, gloss and feel. In addition, we supply tailored starch based adhesives for paper processing.
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Chemical industry

The chemical industry uses starch products to manufacture a wide variety of specialty chemicals applied as adhesives, binders, coatings, textile finishings and more.
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We provide starch, modified starch, potato protein and potato pulp to feed manufacturers - for pet food, pig feed mixes and direct feed for ruminants.