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Potato starch, naturally!

A renewable resource from Bavaria for the world

Manufacturing and marketing of potato starch and modified starches

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Our starch products add value to various industries and applications - this is our motivation.
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Starch is one of the most important renewable resources and has literally thousands of applications.

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Manufacturing Sites

Südstärke processes about 600.000 tons of potatoes annually in two manufacturing sites in Schrobenhausen und Sünching situated in the heart of Bavaria (Southern Germany).

Around 1.400 contractual growers provide the raw material - starch potatoes. Südstärke has a co-op structure, and the contractual growers not only deliver the raw material but also own the majority of the processing and marketing enterprise. Currently Südstärke employs about 260 people at both sites.
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Site Schrobenhausen
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Site Sünching
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