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Südstärke today

Traditionally sustainable

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Renewable resources are a cornerstone of ecological and sustainable industries. Since our beginnings, we successfully process sustainably grown and GMO-free raw materials - and nothing has changed in that respect.

It remains our challenge - year by year, harvest by harvest - to convert a regional raw material with fluctuating availability to high-end quality products for our customers in various industries: ranging from food, feed, paper, adhesives to chemical applications. We meet our customers' ever-increasing demand for quality, driven by tightening regulations and norms for consumer health protection and consumers’ choice.
A major part of the potato starch we produce is further processed or modified to create products tailored to specific customer applications. Our pre-gelatinization plant at the Sünching site manufactures products that are ready-to-use by our customers and do not require an additional heating step for gel formation.
Our wet modification plant at the Schrobenhausen site produces mainly chemically modified starches that e.g. increase the tensile strength of paper.
Our dry modification plant yields dextrins and low-density clean-label starches that brand owners apply in ready-to-eat meals.


Südstärke converts customer demands fast and efficiently into new products, using its own innovation department and numerous co-operations with academia. In contrast to large multinationals, we can put these new products on the shop floor and into logistics immediately - sometimes small is beautiful!