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Company Policy

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Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our customers value the high quality of our products and services, our spotless reliability and our flexibility. Our in-house innovation department and numerous cooperation with academia assure fast conversion of customer requirements into new products. With an open communication about food safety policies and responsibilities to ensure food safety and – hygiene a food safety culture is established that guarantees the production of safe products.

It remains our challenge - year by year, harvest by harvest - to convert a regional raw material with fluctuating availability to high-end quality products for our customers. It all starts with taking care of our contractual growers, continues with the quality control of incoming potatoes, in -line controls during production all the way to the final quality check of finished goods before shipping to customers. The management systems IFS Food, QS and DIN EN ISO 9001 help us for reaching our targets in these areas. We also manufacture halal-compliant and kosher starch products to serve international markets.
Südstärke is proud of its 100+ years tradition of potato processing and its relationship with co-op contractual farmers.

Our potato starch is a renewable resource with literally thousands of applications in food production, feed, paper manufacturing, chemicals, textiles and many more.

Year by year we increase efficiency and productivity, decrease our specific consumption of water and energy, reduce our environmental impact and become more sustainable. For this, we apply the management systems DIN EN ISO 50001 and 14001. We make sure to translate requirements of norms into concrete actions and to ongoing improve the processes within the management systems. We measure and check energy and environmental data on a regular basis. For improvement measures, we preferably acquire products and services with low environmental impact. Our employees are intimately involved in all aspects of the management systems and we adhere to all relevant requirements of their standards. Management and all employees work along the guidelines of the management systems. The management ensures that all resources required for the implementation of the management systems are provided.

We abide by all applicable German and international laws, contractual obligations and generally accepted work and social standards. We regard this a prerequisite for lawful, social and ethical behavior. As one of the leading starch producers in Germany, we strive to be a good corporate citizen and gladly accept the responsibilities towards society and environment coming with it.

Responsible and fully engaged employees are a cornerstone of our success. We act socially responsible towards our employees and offer an appreciative, suitable and safe work environment.